Jenny Souris (nee Halioris) was born in Sydney, Australia on 2 May 1957. Jenny was the first child of Theoharis and Fay Halioris.


In 1972 the Halioris Family moved from Sydney to the Greek island of Kythera when Jenny was 15 years old.

Jenny enjoyed life on the island, became an English teacher and saw the birth of her youngest sister, Litsa, to whom she became a motherly figure. Life was good. It got even better when amidst all this she met her future husband, Mina Souris.


Shortly after they were married, Jenny and Mina made the decision to move to Sydney to build a better life and start a family of their own. Soon after, Jenny’s parents introduced their daughter and son-in-law to the chicken industry. It wasn’t long before they saw an opportunity and opened a chicken shop in Wiley Park in 1982. They served many happy customers for four enjoyable years.


In 1985, the business M&J Chickens was created – a poultry wholesaler. The Souris family, over the years, built M&J into a thriving business employing hundreds of people around Australia. As Mina guided the business, Jenny did what she loved the most – looking after her family and being there for her wide group of friends.


Jenny and Mina were blessed with three children Michael, Maria and Harry. Over the years, Jenny enjoyed many treasured moments. These included the marriages of her son Michael to Leah, her daughter Maria to Buddy and also watching her youngest son graduate from University. All that being said, her grandchildren, Ava, Justin, Jade and Sienna were the four brightest lights in her life.


It was during these enjoyable times that Jenny, in 2011, began her battle with breast cancer. Soon after she was also diagnosed with leukemia and secondary cancer. Understandably, this was an extremely trying time for Jenny, Mina and the family. Jenny’s strength and resilience during this time was nothing short of inspirational.


The last years of Jenny’s life were filled with much love and joy – overseas trips, weekly family dinners, attending the Bulldogs games and many weekends spent at the family holiday home on the South Coast.

In the early hours of 12 May 2020, Jenny lost her battle and said goodbye to this world. She was surrounded by her loved ones in her family home.

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