Our Why

The Jenny Souris Foundation was established in February 2021 in honour of the late Jenny Souris.

Jenny Souris was an exceptional woman, a beautiful soul, and a true humanitarian who when she loved, loved deeply. She was selfless, caring, giving and forgiving. Jenny was the closest example of what a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, and friend could be. A true inspiration.

Jenny’s life was tragically cut short. She passed away in May 2020 at just 63 years of age after enduring a long battle with metastatic breast cancer and chronic myeloid leukemia. Jenny battled illness for 10 years and credits these precious extra years to a team of wonderful doctors and health professionals and, of course, a strong will to survive.

Living 10 years with life-threatening illnesses doesn’t come without its financial restraints.

One of the most disturbing parts of this journey for Jenny, was that she was gifted her extra years because of her financial ability to fund any treatment that was offered to her. It was bittersweet for Jenny as her concern was always with those who did not have access to the level of care afforded to her. Family and friends vividly recall the anguish Jenny experienced when speaking about how blessed she was in being able to receive the care she did when others couldn’t because they simply couldn’t afford it.

Upon Jenny’s passing, family and friends wanted to pay tribute to the incredible woman Jenny was. The plan that emerged was to establish a legacy that was a testament to the love, care, and compassion she personified. Our goal in establishing the Jenny Souris Foundation is to be able to provide funding for families and individuals that need access to health care yet are experiencing financial obstacles.

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